Elton John Admits He Doesn’t Want To See Mum Again After She Abused Husband David Furnish

He recently sent her flowers for her 90th birthday in a sign their near-decade long rift was over.

Now Sir Elton John has proclaimed he isn’t interested in rebuilding his relationship with his estranged mother, and insists he doesn’t miss her.

The Rocket Man – who has sons Zachary, four, and Elijah, two, with husband David Furnish – has been estranged from Sheila Farebrother for seven years and though he looks after her financially, he isn’t interested in having more contact with her.


He said: “It upsets me, but to be honest with you, I don’t miss her.

“When she says things in the Press, like last year, ‘I haven’t spoken to Elton since he married that f****** asshole David Furnish…’ That was pretty hard to take.

“I don’t hate my mother. I look after her, but I don’t want her in my life.”

Elton, 68, with his mother below, also had a difficult relationship with her father Stanley Dwight – who died in 1991 – and even now is still desperate for the former RAF officer’s approval.


The singer told the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine: “They wouldn’t hold you, they wouldn’t say they loved you.

“I was afraid of my father. I was walking on eggshells the whole time trying to get his approval. He’s been dead for a long time, and I’m still trying to prove things to him.

“I still do things and say, ‘Dad, you would’ve loved this’.”


The Benny And The Jets singer, above with David and two of their children Elijah and Zachary, was beaten by his father when he was younger and is still “affected” by their altercations.

He added: “My mum always says, ‘That’s just the way we did it in those days, and it didn’t affect you’.

“I’d say, ‘What are you talking about? It affects me every day’.”

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