Elton John Opens Up About His Family Life And Marriage To David Furnish

It can be pretty lonely at the top - but for Elton John having his sons around him can make all the difference.

The iconic singer-songwriter opened up about his family life during an interview with The Sun this weekend and admitted that although both his husband, David Furnish, and himself are working harder than ever – the addition of their young family means they’ve never been happier.

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“Ninety-nine per cent of the reason is the boys. My life is pretty wonderful anyway but when you do get things that go wrong and then spend one second with them, everything goes back to normal.

“They have this amazing quality of making things that are a pain in the ar*e disappear very quickly.

“[Elijah, his son] is only just three and he’s having incredible conversations. It’s just joyous.”

It’s a far cry from the Elton we used to know decades ago – the flamboyant artist who battled drug abuse and depression.

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But although the ‘Rocket Man’ singer appears to have put those problems behind him, he admitted that he still struggles with feelings of despair and anxiety – saying that he continues to possess a 'self-destructive’ streak:

“I go to the dark side very quickly. That old thing on my shoulder can push me back there. It’s usually caused by tiredness, overwork and sometimes by frustration that I’m missing my boys when I’m away.

“Artists tend to be self-destructive. I don’t know why it is. No pain, no gain, as they say. I don’t like the dark side very much and it doesn’t happen very often.”

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However, it’s thanks to his boys that he’s able to overcome those feelings of despair. He said whilst touring in South Korea last November that he had “… never felt so far away from them. I was really down and then I just FaceTimed my boys. They went, ‘I love you, Daddy, where are you?’ and everything felt better.”

Cute, right?