Emergency Declared as Wildfire Rages Near Yosemite National Park

The fast-spreading Oak Fire in Mariposa County, California, triggered a state of emergency, evacuations, and road closures, on Sunday, July 24, as it spread throughout residential areas, according to officials.

Footage compiled by photojournalist Tyler Day shows billowing smoke, trees engulfed in flames. First responders can be seen working in the area surrounded by destroyed cars and burning trees at Jersey Dale road in Mariposa County.

As of Sunday evening, the Oak Fire covered 16,520 acres, according to the Orange County Fire Authority’s Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence System, and was zero percent contained. At least five structures had been damaged and 10 were destroyed, CALFIRE reported.

Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency for the affected county as the fire “destroyed homes, threatened critical infrastructure and forced the evacuation of more than three thousand residents.”

The National Weather Service said the fire caused “smoke, haze, and air quality impacts” to the surrounding area. Credit: Tyler Day via Storyful

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