Emergency vodka shot saves cat's life after swallowing deadly brake fluid

Sean Morrison

A vodka shot saved a cat from certain death after the animal accidently poisoned herself with toxic brake fluid.

Princess was discovered by her owner soaked in the fluid that fell on her in the garden shed of their home.

The seven-year-old tabby’s condition was quickly deteriorating because she had absorbed and lapped up the deadly chemicals from her fur.

Her owner, Teresa Correira Maria, rushed her to the vets in Victoria, where nurses used a surprising method to help bring the poorly cat back to health.

Princess made a full recovery after the quick-thinking vets gave her a shot of vodka (The Blue Cross)

Realising they had to act fast, a vet dashed to a nearby off licence for a spirit with a high alcohol percentage that would halt the effects of the poison.

The unusual treatment only works if given as soon as possible after the pet has absorbed the toxic chemical, vets say.

Heather Loh, Blue Cross Vet said: “Princess was in a really bad way and it was really touch and go.

“Household products containing this type of chemical are very dangerous to pets and Princess needed 24 hour intensive care.

“Pets should never be given alcohol but this was the only solution to prevent the poison from taking over and killing her.

“She was a bit worse the wear for several days afterwards but we were relieved blood tests showed the effects of the drip were working and the poison would no longer be fatal.”