Emilia Clarke Has A Crush On Leo DiCaprio But Says He Needs To Get Over Supermodel Fixation

Oh we do love Emilia Clarke here at Yahoo HQ. And we love her even more after she made a very candid confession about her celeb crush.


Speaking to People magazine, the Game of Thrones star said that she would happily date Oscar winning Leonardo DiCaprio if he stopped dating supermodels.

Emilia recently said that she’d love Leo to be her leading man if she ever got her dream role as a female James Bond, but it seems she has a little crush on him too.


People asked her who her ideal man would be and she named Leo but quipped that he’d need to quit his habit of only dating blonde supermodels.

Leo certainly has a reputation for dating leggy blondes. He includes Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli and Kelly Rorbach as exes.

Emilia went on to describe her ideal man as someone who has a brain as big as his funny bone, and even insisted that she was happy with someone sporting a dad bod instead of a six-pack.

Emilia has previously dated Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.