Emily Atack reveals her ideal lockdown guest list – and it's an excellent one

Emily Atack would love to be spending lockdown with her family
Emily Atack would love to be spending lockdown with her family

Actress and presenter Emily Atack is riding out the isolation solo but, if she had her way, she might have invited some strategic family and friends to her hunker-down bunker.

The actress and presenter was speaking on White Wine Question Time about her lockdown wish list – and we have to admit, it’s a pretty fantastic selection.

“It would have to be my family,” she told podcast host Kate Thornton over the phone. And, while that might not sound groundbreaking, you’d probably say family too if Paul McCartney were a relative. (Her mum, comedian Kate Robbins, is his first cousin once removed.)

“He was just an uncle in my eyes,” she said. “He's a family man. He's so kind and always lovely to me and my brother and sister. We spent some Sundays there, having Sunday lunch at his house and he's a lovely man. He was a really big part of my childhood.”

Paul McCartney is related to actress Emily Atack via her mum, comedian Kate Robbins
Paul McCartney is related to actress Emily Atack via her mum, comedian Kate Robbins

“He's definitely got to come along because he's got to provide the tunes,” she said.

Emily explained that after Paul’s mum passed away when he was only a teenager, her Grandma Betty – his first cousin – helped bring him up.

“He was raised with my mum and all of her siblings,” she explained. “My grandma Betty kind of helped raise Paul. My mum grew up around all the Beatles mania those crazy times.”

Emily continued: “Well I'm so lucky that I have a really cool family!”

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Outside of her family, Emily said she would want Ricky Gervais to be there.

“We'd have a right laugh,” she told Kate, who agreed he was a great choice.

“He can make me laugh so much, but as well I reckon, we could write something together and create the world's next best sitcom or something!”

So, that’s family and laughs sorted, who would be Emily’s final lockdown guest?

“Oh, it would have to be a really stunning man, that I could fall in love and then we’d just get married and have babies,” she laughed.

Podcast host Kate responded by saying: “Is it wrong as you said that, I just thought, 'Where are you going to go and have sex with him without your parents listening? And Paul McCartney?'”

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To which the I’m A Celebrity star laughed and said “Oh, I'd find a way – I always do!”

There was no hesitation from Emily about who her dream man would be: Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper.

“I'd have to have him there because you need someone to flirt with,” she said.

She added: “You need someone to put your makeup on for still and you know, enjoy a nice little topless roll around with, but then a full hand sanitiser session afterwards!”

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