Emily Blunt's new Netflix film: Everything you need to know

netflix's pain hustlers release, cast, plot, and trailer
Netflix's Pain Hustlers starring Emily Blunt EYNTKNetflix

There's nothing Emily Blunt can't do. From originating iconic sassy lines in The Devil Wears Prada ("I love my job, I love my job, I love my job..."), to kicking ass in the adrenaline-fuelled action movie Edge of Tomorrow, or holding her own in the wild west in The English. She's permeated our pop culture and given us a string of unforgettable performances.

Which is why we're desperately excited for her upcoming Netflix movie Pain Hustlers, a based-on-a-true-story conspiracy flick that'll be sure to have us on the edge of our seats.

Here's the lowdown on her upcoming flick.

netflix's pain hustlers release, cast, plot, and trailer

What is Netflix's Pain Hustlers about?

Liza yearns for a better life for her and her young daughter. Without a high school degree and with nothing but her guts and grit, she lands a job with a failing pharmaceutical start-up in Florida.

Though she catapults herself and the company into success, not all is as it seems. Soon, Liza will find herself in the middle of a criminal conspiracy that threatens to unravel everything she's achieved.

Since there's something completely enticing about a real-life scam story, you can be sure that we'll be settling in to watch this one as soon as it hits our screens.

Who's in Netflix's Pain Hustlers?

This twisty and swindling tale about deception and fraud will star Emily Blunt as Liza.

Alongside her, the cast will include Chris Evans, Catherine O'Hara, Andy Garcia, Amit Shah, and Brian d'Arcy James. The film is also directed by David Yates, of Harry Potter acclaim.

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Is Netflix's Pain Hustlers based on a true story?

Yep! The film itself is specifically inspired by an article of the same name printed in New York Times Magazine back in 2018, which was an expose of the pharmaceutical company Insys.

Insys grew financially successful off the back of the opioid pandemic, on account of paying doctors what was known as "speaking fees", which encouraged them to provide a pain medicine known as Subsys. The company hired young and attractive salespeople to persuade doctors, who often needed the money for various reasons, to sling their product. Unfortunately, the peddling of Subsys resulted in patients becoming addicted.

Eventually, Insys would file for bankruptcy in 2019.

Is there a trailer for Pain Hustlers?

While we're still waiting for a full-length trailer to come out, Netflix included some snippets of the film in their 2023 slate trailer.

It in, we see clips of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans celebrating the launch of the company, surrounded by excited looking employees in a grand office setting.

When's it coming out?

Pain Hustlers will be available to stream on Netflix from 27th October 2023.

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