Emily Henry's Funny Story is being adapted for the big screen

emily henry's funny story is being adapted for the big screen
Emily Henry's Funny Story is being adapted!Amazon Prime

Fans of Emily Henry will be thrilled by the news that the author's fifth (!) book is being adapted for the big screen, with Funny Story being the latest novel to get the movie treatment.

Alongside Book Lovers, Happy Place, People We Meed On Vacation and Beach Read, the author has announced Funny Story is also being turned into a film.Here's everything we know about the news so far, from casting to announcement and more.

What is Funny Story about?

Funny Story follows Daphne, who following her break up from long-term boyfriend Pete, ends up moving in with his new fiancée Petra's ex fiancé, Miles. Yes, it's a lot. Unsurprisingly, things don't go smoothly from the get go, but after one too many tequilas, Daphne and Miles forge a plan to deliberately make mislead their exes and make them jealous - but to what end?

When was the Funny Story adaptation announced?

On 9th July 2024, Variety revealed Funny Story was being made into a feature length film, with Emily at the helm. Their announcement read, "Produced by Lyrical Media and Ryder Picture Company, the movie version of Funny Story will be written by Henry and follow the plot in her rom-com novel of the same name, which was released 23rd April by Penguin Random House."

Who's in the Funny Story cast?

So far, no news on who might star as Miles, Petra, Pete or Daphne, but Emily has been vocal in the past about her desire to cast Paul Mescal and Ayo Edibiri in a rom-com opposite each other. Praise be!

"I can't confirm anything for any casting," she told Cosmopolitan UK back in April. "I will say I have been bringing their names up for one project or another for years, both separately and at times together. Anything could happen."

Currently there's no news on when production will start or even a whisper of a release date, but we're so excited for this!

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