Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott is an Instagram influencer now

Megan C. Hills

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott is somebody you’ll probably know best from her father's rap lyrics. From back in the 90s, when Eminem still went as Slim Shady, we've seen his daughter grow up in real time through his tracks - particularly the infamous 'Hailie's Song'.

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott is somebody you’ll probably know best from her father's rap lyrics. From back in the 90s, when Eminem still went as Slim Shady, we've seen his daughter grow up in real time through his tracks - particularly the infamous 'Hailie's Song'.

If you can believe it, Hailie (who was born on Christmas) celebrated her 24th birthday last month.

She took to Instagram to celebrate with a retro disco-themed photoshoot, in which she posed in glittery playsuits, rollerbladed around an empty rink and posed holding hands with a man who appears to be her boyfriend Evan McClintock.

Over a series of posts, she wrote, “It’s my birthday I’ll post if I want to.”

As you may have guessed, in recent years Hailie has come into her own as an Instagram influencer.

After joining in October 2016 she now has over 1.8 million followers - and she's developing a profile very different from her famous father's.

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Her latest Instagram picture was so popular that it even attracted the attention of singer Ariana Grande, who she dressed as for Halloween. Wearing a pair of Grande's signature thigh high boots and iconic high ponytail, Hailie paid homage to the singer as she captioned the picture with 7 ring emojis - a reference to Grande's track 7 Rings.

In response, Grande liked the picture and gave her nod of approval as she commented with a ring and heart emoji.

Another of Hailie's pictures had her fans on the internet overwhelmed by how much she looks like her famous father.

The Daily Mail previously reported that Hailie initially was more interested in the beauty world, her Instagram account covers many different aspects of lifestyle from travel to fashion.

She explained in an interview that she was starting to attract more attention as an influencer, explaining, “People have been reaching out through [Instagram], as I don’t have any [management].”

She also added that “companies who work with [magazines]” had also been in contact about potentially doing photo-shoots.

Hailie is the middle of Eminem’s three children and she revealed that the pair were “very close”.

She is the rapper’s only biological daughter. Hailie's mother Kimberly Anne Scott has also featured prominently in Eminem's music, though the pair has divorced twice.

Hailie's half-sisters are called Whitney Scott Mathers and Alaina Marie Mathers, who are both her half-sisters via her mother Kimberly Anne Scott. According to Metro, Eminem has formally adopted both Whitney, who is Kim's daughter from a previous relationship, and Alaina, who is Kim's late sister's daughter. Whitney is 16 years old, while Alaina is 25 years old.

Eminem and Kimberly were teenage sweethearts and after having Hailie in 1995, Mathers became Eminem’s wife in 1999. They later divorced in 2001, which prompted an ugly custody battle and revelations about the split in Eminem's music.

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Despite Eminem proclaiming he would “rather have a baby through [his] penis than get married again”, he wound up tying the knot again with Kim in 2006. According to Rolling Stone, the couple divorced again less than “three months after [they] remarried”.

For the most part, Hailie Jade Scott avoids mentioning her famous father on social media. Since graduating with a psychology degree from Michigan State University she appears to be devoting a lot of time to her social media profile - and it's all a little calmer than Eminem's famously punchy rap music.

Things seem to be going pretty well as she revealed a couple of days that she had use a fashion app called LIKETOKNOW.it to share details about her outfits, which is known for helping influencers monetise their massive reach. If her followers download the app and screenshot one of the app-enabled images on her Instagram, they will be able to purchase elements of her outfit.

Every time somebody chooses to buy something through the app, the influencer who posted it makes a small cut - which could mean Hailie will be making a pretty penny in the future.

Hailie is a big fan of glamorous holidays. After the star posted a couple of photographs in a bikini, people quickly honed in on the fact that the budding influencer is incredibly built with an envy-inducing six pack she often shows off.

It's no surprise as the star actually shares her fitness routines on Instagram and they're intense, featuring a number of scary looking gym machines and high intensity workouts.

Here's the lowdown on Eminem's daughter:

What is Hailie Jade Scott's age?

Hailie Jade is currently 24 years old - a Christmas baby, she was born on December 25, 1995.

Who is Hailie’s mother?

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Hailie’s mother is Kimberly Anne Scott. If you’ve ever listened to Eminem’s music, you’ll know she and Eminem have had a turbulent relationship.

Kim and Eminem (whose real name is Marshall) were married and divorced twice - first for a spell between 1999 through to 2001, then for a three-month long union in 2006.

What was the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly feud about?

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A few years ago Hailie Jade Scott found herself inadvertently in the middle of a row, which saw her father and Machine Gun Kelly dropping diss tracks back and forth.

It started in 2012 when Machine Gun Kelly said Hailie was “hot as f***” in a now-deleted tweet. Eminem “called to demand he apologize for the tweet”, particularly since Hailie was only sixteen at the time.

The diss tracks have continued to drop since then, as Machine Gun Kelly released No Reason with Tech N9ne to which Eminem responded with a song called Not Alike.

Eminem clarified last September that he “dissed” MGK because he claimed that Eminem was “trying to hinder his career” by reportedly banning him from his channel Shade 45. Eminem told Sway, “I don’t give a f**k about your career. You think I actually f***in’ think about you? You know how many f***in’ rappers that are better than you? You’re not even in the f***in’ conversation.”

Kelly then responded with Rap Devil, a reference to Eminem’s song Rap God, in which he specifically named Hailie in his lyrics, “I think my dad’s gone crazy, yeah, Hailie, you right.”

And finally, Eminem fired back with a song called Killshot in which he criticized Machine Gun Kelly and made homophobic slurs against Tyler The Creator, which he has since apologized for.

Eminem told Sway, “Now I’m in this fuckin’ weird thing, because I’m like, ‘I gotta answer this motherf***er. And every time I do that, it makes that person—as ‘irrelevant’ as people say I am in hip-hop—I make them bigger by getting into this thing, where I’m like ‘I want to destroy him. But I also don’t want to make him bigger.’”

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On Tuesday, MGK spoke on the Everyday Struggle podcast about his feud with the rapper. He reignited the feud, saying, “Put us on a track, see who comes harder.”

He also revealed that he felt the start of the feud was “ill-timed” and “weird”, given that fellow rapper Mac Miller had “just happened”. MGK continued, “The internet thing trying to muddy it, that was a little annoying because it was kinda like, we can’t be a generation that rides only because a person’s a legend and strictly goes off that factor.”

“When we do something for our generation, step up and acknowledge what happened, hold it down,” MGK said. “That was not something I was expecting to ever happen. I said what I said, I don’t give a f**k. That should be the narrative for anyone in our generation.”

Eminem has not responded to Machine Gun Kelly's statements.

What is Hailie Jade Scott’s Instagram?

If you wind up searching for Hailie Jade Scott on Instagram, you’re not going to have an easy time. She actually goes by the Instagram handle @hailiescott1 and has a whopping 1.7 million followers, though that’s a drop in the bucket compared to her dad Eminem’s 24.6 million.

While she mostly posts outfit photos or self-portraits, she has two furry friends who appear frequently on her feed. She's the proud owner of two Shiba Inus called Lottie and Wolf who photobomb her pictures.

She said, "They have both been a handful to raise on my own, but so worth the work to train (& still working on training everyday)!"

The dogs also have their own dedicated Instagram story highlight, in which she has shared videos of her dogs most meme-worthy moments: from attacking a Halloween toy to their visits to the gym.

Does Hailie Jade Scott have a boyfriend?

Sorry boys, you’re out of luck. The Daily Mail revealed Hailie Jade is dating a boy named Evan McClintock - a fellow alumnus from her former Michigan State University. There are pictures of them walking her Shiba puppy and reports that Eminem is “approving of their relationship”, which we’re sure goes a long way.

A source told The Daily Mail, “Hailie's family have welcomed Evan, they are a fantastic young couple who love cozy nights in rather than hard partying... She enjoys keeping a low profile, walking her dog and going to fitness classes, hanging out with her friends and holidaying with Evan.”

He joined her for her birthday photoshoot, in which he stuck to the retro theme with impressive sideburns, Lennon-esque glasses and a glittery blue button up.

In what songs does Eminem rap about Hailie?

There's a reference to Hailie or her mother Kim in a large number of Eminem's most popular songs.

According to Metro, Hailie is mentioned in "more than 20 of Eminem's songs" including the 2002 hit 'Hailie's Song'. The lyrics describe how she gives Eminem drive and purpose when "it feels like the world's on [his] shoulders". Hailie also pops up in tracks Going Through Changes, Deja Vu, Kim, '97 Bonnie & Clyde, Crazy in Love, Mockingbird, The Way I Am and most recently Bad Husband and Arose from his 2017 drops.

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Hailee also lends her voice to her father's track My Dad's Gone Crazy. In a 2004 profile with Rolling Stone, Eminem revealed that he let Hailie come to work with him one day while he was working with Dr Dre.

He explained, "Me and Dre were working together, and Hailie was running around the studio and she was like, 'Somebody please help me! I think my dad’s gone crazy!' Instantly that locked in with a beat we’d made the day before. I had her go in the booth and say it. When she opens up, she’s just like her dad in a lot of aspects. I just told her what to say and she nailed it, the first take."

As the years have gone by though, Eminem apologised to Hailie for bringing her into song lyrics - through song, of course. In his track Castle, he rapped, "I've said your name but always tried to hide your face. This game is crazy, I wanted to claim my love for you, but dang I never knew it'd be like this, if I did I wouldn't have done it."

The lyrics continue, "You ain't asked for none of this s**t, now you're being punished? Things that should've been private with me and your mother is public. I can't stomach, they can take this fame back, I don't want it."

The rapper has been reluctant to include her on any more of his songs, saying he didn't want to "make her any more famous". He said to Rolling Stone, "She can live a life. She didn't choose to have her father become a rap star."