Eminem is suing a New Zealand political party and the court footage is amazing

Christopher Hooton

New Zealand's governing National Party has been taken to court by Eminem who is claiming copyright infringement over a campaign ad.

The ad in question is set to a guitar riff reminiscent of the opening of Eminem's arguably biggest hit 'Lose Yourself'; the defendants do not dispute this, but claim the infringement was accidental as the party bought the song, titled 'Eminem Esque', from stock music library BeatBox.

The case is currently being heard in a court in Wellington and yes, that means a group of stone-faced lawyers had to solemnly listen to 'Lose Yourself' and its derivative several times.

The footage of this (above) is surely some kind of modern art.

A lawyer for Eight Mile Style, a publishing group representing Eminem, said 'Lose Yourself' was "iconic" and "without doubt the jewel in the crown of Eminem's musical work".

The case is set to continue for six days.