Emma Browne exits The Apprentice

Emma Browne has exited The Apprentice credit:Bang Showbiz
Emma Browne has exited The Apprentice credit:Bang Showbiz

Emma Browne has become the first contestant to exit the new series of 'The Apprentice'.

The senior account executive left the BBC show prematurely after she failed to impress during a tour challenge in Antigua - but Emma insisted she doesn't have any regrets about her experience on the programme.

She said: "Everyone's there for the same reason so naturally, there were clashes et cetera but there were absolutely no hard feelings at all."

Emma made an early exit from the show after the girls lost out to the boys during the first task of the new series.

As part of the task, the girls sold catamaran tours to tourists in Antigua. But they failed to match the efforts of the boys - who organised a rum tasting and historic site tour - and Emma soon found herself heading home.

She said: "It was a little bit more intense than I expected, but there's nothing like a bit of pressure.

"Watching at home, you only see an hour, but it's completely cut down. So that's obviously one of the biggest things, because I would have thought from watching at home 'that's an hour and that's it', but in reality, it's filmed across hours upon hours."

The efforts of the girls were undermined by disagreements within the team. The boys, on the other hand, managed to attract interest in the centre of Antigua and they ultimately sold all of their 16 tickets.

The girls' team made $487.50, once costs were deducted from their total. By contrast, the boys' team performed much better, making as much as $989 in profit, including $75 in tips.