Emma Raducanu's seven-word reply as she defends decision to withdraw from Wimbledon mixed doubles with Andy Murray

Emma Raducanu has defended her decision to withdraw from the mixed doubles at Wimbledon, a move that dashed Andy Murray's hopes for a final triumph at the All-England Club.

Murray had opted out of the singles competition and suffered an early exit in the men's doubles alongside his brother Jamie. His partnership with Raducanu was seen as his last chance to leave a mark on SW19 this year.

However, the 21-year-old Raducanu withdrew due to concerns over an injury, choosing to concentrate on her singles campaign which concluded in the fourth round following defeat by Lulu Sun.

Raducanu, who was dealing with a wrist issue, expressed her belief that her decision was one any player would make under similar circumstances, despite the emotional weight attached to Murray's potential farewell match.

She commented: "I didn't want to take his last match away from him. But at the end of the day I think a lot of the players in a similar situation would have done the same thing, prioritising their body", reports the Mirror.

"I still stand by making the right call. He was obviously disappointed because it's his last match [at Wimbledon]. But what a champion. I think that hopefully he'll play in the Olympics and have another farewell there."

"I think with every decision, people are entitled to their opinions. Of course, there was a bit of a cloud it. I don't think I would have done it any other way. I think in this sport especially, as an individual, you have to make your own calls and prioritise yourself. Especially with my history, I just had to put myself first."

Emma Raducanu was due to play alongside Andy Murray at SW19
Emma Raducanu decided to focus on her singles' ambitions before her loss on Sunday

Murray, following his doubles defeat with his brother, was honoured on Centre Court as tennis legends gathered to celebrate his illustrious career.

However, British fans were left dreaming of a storybook conclusion with Raducanu. Some social media users have expressed disappointment, suggesting she "ruined" Murray's Wimbledon send-off.

One person remarked that after Raducanu had said "it was her dream to play with Murray" the former US Open champion should have appeared in the doubles.

Raducanu's withdrawal from the mixed doubles, foregoing the opportunity to partner with Murray, was branded 'astonishing' by one broadcaster, who lamented: "It means Murray has played his last match at Wimbledon. Oh dear."

Judy Murray responded with a succinct: "Yes, astonishing."

She later expanded on her reaction, pointing out: "Not sure anyone understands sarcasm these days. Pretty sure the scheduling (4th match court 1 with a singles following day) will have played a major part in any decision making."

The two-time Wimbledon winner is anticipated to retire this year, but not before he competes for Team GB in Paris, hoping to conclude his career with an Olympic gold.

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