Emma Samms still ‘massively affected’ by long Covid

Former Dynasty star Emma Samms says she is still “massively affected” by long Covid almost a year after contracting the disease.

The actress, 60, who played Fallon Carrington Colby in the hit Eighties US show, contracted coronavirus in March last year.

She told Good Morning Britain she is “still massively affected by long Covid and really frustrated by it”.

Asked whether she has been given any guidance on how long her symptoms will last, she said: “Nobody really knows because they don’t know about long Covid.”

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She previously told how she had to spend “sometimes two or three days in bed”.

It is “much the same”, Samms told the ITV show. “There are some good days and some bad days.”

But she said: “I’m aware I could have had a much worse experience… It’s all relative.”

The British actress came up with the idea for an online Dynasty reunion to raise money for the cause.

Jack Coleman, who played Steven Carrington in Dynasty, said: “It’s really horrible to realise that almost a year later it is still going on. This money is obviously desperately needed.”

Presenter Kate Garraway, whose husband Derek Draper is still in hospital with coronavirus after being admitted with symptoms last year, told Samms: “I know you said that even talking to us and having to get up this morning might mean you’d have to take to your bed for three days.

“So thank you… we wish you rest and some kind of recovery soon.”

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