Emma Watson and Gemma Arterton back BFI’s eight-point plan to stop bulling and harassment in industry

Jennifer ruby

Emma Watson, Gemma Arterton and Jodie Whittaker are among stars backing new guidelines to tackle bullying and harassment in the entertainment industries.

Launched by more than 20 organisations including the BFI, Bafta and Equity, the eight rules or ‘principles’ will aim to stamp out workplace abuse after the industry was rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

“Everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace that is positive and supportive,” reads the first point.

Another calls for companies and individuals to “respect each other’s dignity, regardless of the seniority of our role in an organisation.”

Support: Gemma Arterton is backing the guidelines (PA)

One of the rules states that there must be two appointed people on every set to deal with any allegations of abuse, as well as the new support line, which will launch in April.

An organisation or project will only receive BFI funding if they sign up to the guidelines.

“These principles are important because up until recently there were no guidelines, there was no protocol for someone that had been sexually harassed in the entertainment industry and I know this to be a fact because I've asked for principles, I've asked to see guidelines and no one could give them to me,” said Watson.

“No one could send me - 'okay, here's the protocol that we follow when someone's had this experience' - which I found shocking.”

Others stars backing the new set of guidelines include actress Gemma Chan and James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.

The BFI’s Amanda Nevill, told the BBC: “One of the most astonishing things about the introduction of these principles against harassment and bullying is the instantaneous and enthusiastic response across the whole of the industry.

"This has been the most fantastic example of the industry - both the people in front of and behind the camera, all the big organisations behind it - welcoming this as a way we can come together. We aspire to an industry which is absolutely free of this.”