Emmerdale to air on Sunday amid ITV scheduling changes

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ITV soap opera Emmerdale will air on Sunday amid a number of scheduling changes, the broadcaster has confirmed.

Thursday’s episode of the drama was postponed following news of the Queen’s death, replaced with rolling news coverage as details unfolded, and will instead air on Sunday.

The broadcaster also confirmed Good Morning Britain will be on air until 9.30am on Sunday, followed by a documentary narrated by Mary Nightingale called Queen Elizabeth II and a special news programme titled ITV News: The Nations Proclaim The King at 11.30am.

Liz Truss becomes PM
Queen Elizabeth II (Jane Barlow/PA)

A scheduled news bulletin will air at 1.30pm, before special rolling news coverage will be broadcast from 2pm until 4.30pm.

ITV will also broadcast a one-hour film narrated by Julie Etchingham titled The Age Of Elizabeth, documenting some of the momentous events across the Queen’s reign from space travel to global political change.

National and regional news bulletins will follow alongside the postponed episode of Emmerdale at 6.35pm before the broadcaster will return to scheduled programming with Gino’s Italy at 7.30pm.

The BBC has also made changes to its regular programming schedules as a period of mourning begins for the late monarch, including almost constant Queen-related content on BBC One.

Interspersed with national and regional news programmes were the following programmes: Picturing Elizabeth: Her Life In Images, The Queen And Us: 50s, The Queen And Us: 60s, Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen, and When The Queen Spoke To The Nation.

Royalty – Queen Elizabeth II Visit to Singapore
Queen Elizabeth II (Gareth Fuller/PA)

A special edition of The One Show: Our Queen Remembered, is also due to air at 6.45pm on Saturday.

Similar coverage will be broadcast on Sunday, with special editions of shows including Songs Of Praise, Countryfile, and Antiques Roadshow.

Special programmes; Elizabeth: Her Passions & Pastimes, The Queen And Us: 70s, The Queen And Us: 80s, and will also be broadcast, ahead of the highly anticipated new series of Sir David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet II.

At 11pm, The Longest Reign: The Queen And Her People, will be shown.