Emmerdale airs aftermath of Mary's discovery

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has aired the aftermath of Mary Goskirk's devastating discovery in her ongoing storyline with Faye.

The pair have been getting closer in recent weeks, but the affection only runs one way, with Faye tricking Mary into giving her money.

In Monday’s (May 1) episode, Mary was warned by Suzy that Faye was using her solely for her money, but Mary didn’t initially believe her.

Things took a turn for the worse last night (May 2), however, with Faye showing her true colours as she knocked Mary to the floor and left her stranded.

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From the outset of Wednesday's (May 3) episode, Mary was left to come to terms with Faye’s deceit as she chastised herself for falling in love with “that charlatan".

Lamenting the fact that she missed some "red flags" and ignored Suzy’s advice, Mary revealed to a shocked Rhona that Faye ran away with far more than what she thought, leaving Rhona stunned at her negligence.

The pair began to itemise all that Mary had paid for in her relationship with Faye, with Rhona urging her to call the police. Mary, however, was reluctant to dwell on the situation, and wished to move on by heading to the pub.

Once at the drinking spot, Mary vowed to be more careful, but Rhona interrupted to inform her that the police wanted to speak to her as part of the investigation.

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Mary was initially furious that her daughter had gone against her very wishes, but she and Suzy appealed to Mary by pointing out that Faye's crimes had affected the whole village and not just her.

Mary informed Rhona that the police were very supportive in their talk, but refused the offer of being enrolled on a Victim Support programme, stating she didn't want Faye to take her self-esteem before beginning a passionate monologue in which she condemned her old flame.

As things settled down, Mary told Rhona how much she loved her, but will she be able to keep her cool during the investigation in the coming days and weeks?

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