Emmerdale airs twist in Bob and Bernice's shock 'death' storyline

bob hope, bernice blackstock, emmerdale
Emmerdale airs twist in Bob and Bernice's 'death'ITV

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale had a comedic dark twist in store for Bernice Blackstock and Bob Hope on their big opening day.

In tonight's (February 22) episode, The Grange was ready to welcome guests again, with Bob being particularly stressed.

Bernice, for her part, had a good start to the day as she woke next to Tim the harpist. She rushed off in the morning and left her lover fast asleep in bed.

bob hope, bernice blackstock, emmerdale

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When Bob questioned Bernice about her whereabouts, she kept her dalliance secret, but had to come clean when Tim was a no-show for the opening.

Bob then went to fetch Tim but had terrible news on his return, telling Bernice that Tim was "a little bit incapacitated".

"Tim the harpist is dead," he announced.

bernice and bob reopening, emmerdale

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They agreed to send everyone home before they could call the police.

But before Emmerdale could turn into a remake of Weekend at Bernie's (or at Bernice's, if you like) it was all revealed to be a misunderstanding.

When famed reviewer Belinda Foxton arrives for a tour, heading straight for the Dame Judi Dench suite in which Tim was "resting", Bob and Bernice were shocked to see Tim coming out of his room.

Apologising for having overslept, the musician revealed he had taken sleeping pills to cope with Bernice snoring "like a walrus".

In the final scenes, The Grange owners celebrated getting a five-star review from Belinda.

Then Wendy Posner overheard Bob warning Bernice against having sex at the B&B again.

Thinking the two had slept together, a devastated Wendy left.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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