Emmerdale Cain shock, Corrie Amy and Aaron aftermath, EastEnders' Callum spies and more soap spoilers

Note: This article discusses topics including rape and sexual assault.

Soap spoilers follow.

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1. Emmerdale: Cain cuts ties with Kyle

(Monday at 7.30pm on ITV1)

cain dingle, kyle , emmerdale

The battle lines for custody of young Kyle have been drawn and Cain is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure Amy and Matty don't take his lad away.

Ignoring Moira's warnings, Cain enlists Caleb's help in his quest, but he only makes matters worse by upsetting Amy.

Things take another turn when Carl and Kyle end up in a violent altercation and Nicola threatens to call the police. Thankfully Amy is able to persuade her not to involve the law, which leaves Cain consumed with guilt as he realises the locals blame him for Kyle's violent behaviour.

Reaching a heartbreaking decision, Cain tells Moira he wants to cut himself completely out of Kyle's life and give Amy full custody of their son.

Not only that, but Cain also expresses his wish that Amy leaves the village with Kyle, to give him the best chance of starting over.

2. Coronation Street: Justin torments Daisy

(Friday at 8pm on ITV1)

Ahead of the court hearing to learn if she has been granted a Stalking Prevention Order, Daisy meets her mum for lunch. But when Christina introduces her new boyfriend, Daisy is horrified to realise it's Justin.

Fearing her stalker may have found out the date of her wedding, Daisy calls the venue and reschedules. But her hopes of having the perfect day are fading when the owner of the wedding dress boutique arrives at The Rovers to say they've received a call from Justin, accusing her of assault.

Daisy is devastated to learn the boutique are no longer prepared to lend her a bridal gown as the bad publicity could destroy their reputation. Daniel tries to make a joke out of it, but Daisy storms out.

Back at Number One, Daisy is horrified to find Justin standing in her living room. The terrifying encounter leaves Daisy shaken, but she remains determined to get Justin out of her life for good.

Later in the week, Daisy heads to the court hearing. Taking the stand, Daisy bravely delivers her statement, detailing the misery she has suffered.

Suddenly the door opens and Justin enters the room, claiming there has been a misunderstanding and he's Daisy's friend, not her tormentor. Who will the judge believe?

3. EastEnders: Callum spies on Ravi

(Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

jack branning, callum highway, eastenders

Callum's career is on the up when Jack promotes him to the position of Trainee Detective Constable, and the pair celebrate the good news over a drink at The Vic.

Meanwhile, Denise is still fretting about Jack's investigation into Ravi and tries to persuade her husband to reconsider.

Later at the pub, Denise can barely contain her jealousy when Ravi walks in with another woman and learns they're heading to the same hotel of their last dalliance.

As Dee suffers in silence, Callum's first day in his new role doesn't get off to a great start when other members of the force give him an offensive nickname.

Jack jumps to Callum's defence in an attempt to stamp out such behaviour within the team and instructs his junior to start trailing through CCTV footage of Ravi. What will he find?

4. Hollyoaks: Imran returns home

(Wednesday at 7pm on E4 and Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

juliet nightingale and imran maalik in hollyoaks
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There's cause to celebrate in the Maalik household when they learn the clinic are releasing Imran as an outpatient. Excited Yazz prepares for her brother's arrival by giving the house a spruce up, while Misbah is more focused on handling this crucial stage in Imran's recovery the right way.

Everyone is delighted to have Imran home, but it's a big adjustment for the lad, who feels overwhelmed by all the fuss. He's horrified when Misbah suggests he shouldn't fast for Ramadan, and confides in Brooke, who makes him realise he wants to be more independent.

Old demons resurface when Imran offers to help Rayne with a video idea, but freaks out when she wants to film the content in the gym. But some words of wisdom from Juliet give Imran the bravery to tell his new friends about his ongoing battles.

5. Emmerdale: Paddy's friends rally round him

(Friday at 7.30pm on ITV1)

nate robinson, charles anderson, marlon dingle, emmerdale

Paddy takes his first steps on the road to recovery this week by arranging to see a therapist. His loved ones are bolstered by the news, but Marlon panics when he hears his friend will have to wait two weeks for an appointment.

The chef's concern starts to border on overbearing and Paddy is left feeling suffocated by Marlon's inability to let him be. Chas talks things through with Marlon, pointing out that women are generally better at discussing their emotions with friends, which gives him an idea.

Gathering the men of the village together, Marlon arranges a late-night lock-in at The Woolpack, in the hope it will give everyone the chance to open up about their problems – including Paddy.

6. Coronation Street: Amy confronts her rapist

(Monday at 8pm on ITV1)

amy barlow, aaron, coronation street

It's the morning after the night before, and a hungover Amy wakes up with no memory of how she got into bed. However, the penny drops when she meets up with her mates for lunch at Speed Daal and Aaron tells her they shouldn't have slept together.

Horrified, Amy insists she was far too drunk to consent. As Aaron goes all out to convince her she wanted sex as much as he did, Amy knows he raped her. The realisation leaves Amy in turmoil as she struggles to carry on as normal and her distracted behaviour doesn't go unnoticed by Steve.

Later in the week, Amy is alarmed when Summer reveals she's planning to study at Manchester University in order to stay close to Aaron, and advises her friend to look further afield.

Once again, Aaron confronts Amy and begs her not to tell Summer about what happened.

7. EastEnders: Nish turns on Suki

(Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)

suki kaur panesar, nish panesar, eastenders

When Ash announces she has been offered a job in Canada, Nish orders Suki to convince her to turn it down. However, Suki is eager for Ash to spread her wings and manipulates her daughter into accepting the role.

Suki makes out to Nish that there was nothing she could do to change Ash's mind, but as the family head to The Vic to celebrate, he discovers his wife has been lying to him.

Consumed with rage over her deceit, Nish confronts Suki back at Number 41 and issues her with a menacing threat.

As Ash prepares to leave her life in Walford, she urges Nish to give Suki more responsibility with the family businesses. But when he doesn't hear from his wife, Nish's jealous paranoia goes into overdrive.

8. Hollyoaks: Warren messes up

(Thursday at 7pm on E4 and Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

warren fox in hollyoaks
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Warren and Sienna lock horns over parenting when she discovers he's been secretly teaching Sebastian how to box.

Trying to fix things, Warren reminds his young son to only use his defence skills on those who deserve it. But his actions have serious consequences when Sebastian deliberately pushes Dee-Dee off the adventure playground.

The incident prompts Social Services to pay a visit to assess the twins' safety, but despite the family putting on a united front, the meeting goes badly wrong.

Enraged at the mess Warren has landed them in, Sienna bans him from seeing Sophie and Sebastian until the file against them is closed. But as Norma makes plans for her clan's future, a shattering discovery leads Sienna to find out who ruined the visit with the authorities.

9. Home and Away: Bree kills Jacob

(Thursday at 1.45pm on Channel 5)

bree and jacob cameron in home and away
Channel 5

With no idea of where Jacob is holding Bree hostage, tormented Remi is plagued by nightmares of Rose telling him that she's dead. Thankfully, Bree is still alive and it's revealed her and Jacob are seemingly playing 'happy families' in a remote camp site.

Although pretending she's pleased to be back with her husband, Bree is secretly trying to figure out how to escape. In despair, she pens a love letter to Remi, but nothing gets past Jacob, who finds the note.

As his jealous rage boils over, Jacob knocks Bree unconscious and she comes round to find him digging a grave for her. Knowing this could be it, Bree sneaks up on Jacob and smacks him over the head with a shovel.

Bree's relief turns to panic when she discovers Jacob has no pulse, and despite administering CPR, the paramedics arrive on the scene and confirm he's dead.

News quickly reaches Remi, who rushes to find Bree at the hospital. But it's not the romantic reunion he was hoping for when traumatised Bree pushes him away, unable to deal with what she's done.

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Coronation Street has been working with the Schools Consent Project on Amy's storyline.

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