Emmerdale confirms devastation for Mack in Chloe story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Mackenzie Boyd will be devastated when he discovers Chloe Harris's exit plans in Emmerdale.

The soap has confirmed that Chloe will plan to secretly flee the village with baby Reuben as revenge for Mack once again cheating on her with Charity Dingle.

Following a shocking confrontation where Chloe slaps Charity in front of everyone, she next tries to seek vengeance against Mack by taking his son away.

mack boyd, charity dingle and amy wyatt in emmerdale

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Mack is horrified to find out that Chloe has done a runner with their son, forcing him to see if he can find Reuben before his former partner gets too far away.

He has little luck on his attempts to locate his child, while Amy wonders whether Mack's betrayal will prevent Chloe from ever returning.

A desperate Mack pleads with Amy and Matty for any information about where his son could be, leaving even his biggest detractors shocked by how anguished he appears.

mack boyd, amy wyatt and matty barton in emmerdale

Charity tries to rally around Mack by promising that they will somehow find a way to bring his son back to the Dales.

She also offers some advice by reminding him that they want the same thing as Amy – to bring baby Reuben back to the village safe and sound. Charity urges Mack to stay on Amy's good side.

This latest falling out between Mack and Chloe started in Monday's episode when he finally confessed he'd been seeing Charity behind her back once again.

matty barton, amy wyatt and mack boyd in emmerdale

Though Chloe threw Mack out of the house, she tried to assure Amy she wasn't going to get upset because it'd make her look desperate.

Unfortunately, Chloe struggles with her self-imposed restrictions on her feelings and will see no other way out but to flee with her son.

matty barton, amy wyatt and mack boyd in emmerdale

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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