Emmerdale confirms how Mackenzie Boyd is finally caught out

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle faces heartbreak next week when Mackenzie Boyd's secret is finally exposed.

Charity is unaware that her new husband Mack betrayed her by sleeping with Chloe Harris and is the father of her baby son Reuben.

In this week's scenes, Mack is rocked by the news that Reuben may be suffering from bacterial meningitis and wants to be by his son's side.

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In follow-on scenes next week, Mack confides in Nate Robinson about his desire to be there for Reuben, but Nate thinks Mack is deluded to think he can maintain a secret relationship with his son while married to Charity.

Sadly, there's more bad news about Reuben's health, when Chloe is informed that he may have a bleed on his brain.

The pressure of the situation begins to get to Mack when he starts drinking heavily at The Woolpack. Charity is stunned when Mack loses his temper and punches Dan Spencer, before storming off.

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As Charity desperately tries to get in touch with Mack, she's unaware he's outside the hospital but can't bring himself to go in.

Meanwhile, Chloe fears the worst when Reuben's condition doesn't improve, and the consultant tells her he'll need a further scan.

After getting advice from Nate, Mack heads to the hospital. He arrives in time to hear the good news that Reuben hasn't suffered any brain damage and is overjoyed when Chloe invites him to come and see his son.

As Mack and Chloe spend time with their son, Charity and Amy Wyatt have heard the good news about Reuben and arrive at the hospital for a surprise visit.

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When Charity finds Mack sharing a moment with Reuben, the pieces instantly fall into place, and she realises that Mack is Reuben's dad. Will this be the end of their marriage?

Emmerdale's executive producer Jane Hudson teased the big reveal, speaking to Digital Spy and other media at a recent Emmerdale press event. She commented: "The big choice for Mack is going to be: does he want to be a dad and does he want to be a husband? Can he be both, or can he not be both? How is Charity going to respond? We know she is fiery.

"And can Chloe remain in the village when this secret comes out? Because it's not going to be nice when you've got the wrath of the Dingles."

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