Emmerdale confirms Vanessa Woodfield's final decision over Suzy

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Vanessa Woodfield has decided to give girlfriend Suzy Merton another chance in Emmerdale.

The couple hit the rocks again recently following Leyla Cunningham's overdose and heart attack, when Suzy admitted to Vanessa she knew Leyla had been abusing cocaine.

Vanessa wasn't accepting Suzy's excuse that it wasn't her secret to tell, but Suzy jumped into action by teaming up with Cain Dingle to run drug dealer Callum out of the village for good.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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In Wednesday's (August 10) episode, Vanessa was mostly busy planning a very sweet but low-key hen do for Rhona Goskirk ahead of her wedding with Marlon Dingle later in the week.

Suzy dropped by with a wedding gift, so Vanessa shared that she knew all about her adventures with Cain to get rid of Callum.

Vanessa also clarified that she never blamed Suzy for Leyla's drug addiction. When Suzy asked what might be next for them, Vanessa demanded: "No more lies, no more secrets or there is no more us.

"And no more chances."

Suzy assured her: "I love you, Ness. And this chance? I assure you, I will not blow it."

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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Suzy came to the village early this year as Vanessa's new girlfriend, but it soon came out that she'd actually given her former friend Holly Barton the money to buy drugs the night she overdosed.

Suzy has since vowed to quit drugs in the hopes of making a new life for herself with Vanessa in the village. Is it finally smooth sailing for the fan-favourite couple?

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