Emmerdale issues statement on 'distressing' scenes as fans say writers have 'gone too far'

Tom King
-Credit: (Image: ITV/Emmerdale)

Emmerdale viewers were left saying the show had “gone too far” after Tom took drastically cruel actions against dog Piper in tonight’s episode.

As viewers will know, in Friday’s episode of the ITV soap Belle Dingle made a heartbreaking exit from the village to attend a mental health crisis assessment centre, following a campaign of abuse at the hands of her husband Tom King.

In tonight’s episode, Belle refused to speak to, or be visited by Tom. As she sat down for a discussion with her therapist about the reasons behind her relapse, Belle began blaming herself for “letting Tom down”, saying she “felt like the worst wife in the world” - not knowing that he had meddled with her bipolar medication.

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Piper the dog on Emmerdale
Piper the dog on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale

After vet Tom learned that Belle had invited Lydia to visit her at the centre tomorrow, he took drastic actions against his and Belle’s dog, Piper. At the end of the episode, he asked the dog if she “missed her mummy” and said he “wanted her to come too”.

He then picked up a syringe of medication as he told the dog: “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you…actually, maybe not.”

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Shocked viewers took to social media to say that writers of the soap had “gone too far” after it appeared that Tom was preparing to put the dog to sleep. On X, formerly known as Twitter, @nciskxcy said: “This is going too far now #Emmerdale.”

@lozzjarvis tweeted: “No please not the dog #Emmerdale,” and @Sharon87902546 added: “DO NOT HURT THE DOG !! #emmerdale.”

@LucythePug1110 said: “Writers should be more f*****g responsible. Too far #emmerdale.”

@Beckie_Miller_ commented: “If he hurts that dog I’m done with this soap! #Emmerdale” and @SarahRobron said: “If he hurts Piper that is just going too far #Emmerdale.”

@Mofoman360 tweeted: “Is this really what we want to see at 19:00 animal cruelty surely Emmerdale needs to be on at a more appropriate time nowadays #Emmerdale.”

An Emmerdale spokesperson took to X to say that while the scenes can be distressing to watch, Minnie, who plays Piper in the show, has not been harmed.

They said: "These scenes can be distressing to watch, but we want to remind you that Minnie (AKA Piper) is a very good actor and is always living her best life on set! We can confirm that no harm has come to her whatsoever."

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