Emmerdale – Marcus Dean exit explained as Darcy Grey bows out

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale aired a low-key exit on Tuesday evening (February 21) as Marcus Dean's relationship with Ethan Anderson hit the rocks.

The once-stable couple have had their happiness rocked over the past few days, which culminated in Marcus cheating on Ethan with an ex-boyfriend.

Ethan was devastated by the betrayal, which came just as he'd decided to pop the question, but the humiliation only got worse when Marcus made little effort to fight for their future.

Here's the lowdown on Marcus' exit from the ITV1 soap.

Has Marcus Dean left Emmerdale for good?

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Tuesday's episode featured the final scenes for Marcus, as Ethan kicked him out of their home for good.

In real life, this will have come as little surprise to many fans, as news of Marcus' departure from Emmerdale first leaked out earlier this month.

At the start of last week, reports revealed that actor Darcy Grey had quit his role as Marcus after just a year in the show. He'd made his first appearance on screen in February 2022.

Darcy hasn't given an official statement about his Emmerdale exit, but tabloid reports have suggested that he was keen to spread his wings by taking on new roles.

The actor also thanked fans who contacted him on Twitter, confirming that he was looking forward to new projects.

How did Marcus leave Emmerdale?

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Marcus' departure from Emmerdale followed his recent decision to cheat on Ethan after a row.

Late last week, the electrician lost trust in Ethan when he wrongly assumed that his boyfriend was sneaking around with another man.

Ethan's innocence was later established, as the only thing that he'd been hiding was that he'd secretly arranged a house viewing as a surprise for Marcus. However, by this point, Marcus had already been unfaithful himself.

In Tuesday's episode, Marcus faced the consequences with Ethan, but left him surprised by admitting that he wasn't going to ask for another chance.

marcus, ethan anderson, emmerdale

Marcus explained: "I don't think we should – carry on, I mean. Yesterday proved something I've been feeling for a while. You and me – it's not exactly working out, is it? If it was, I wouldn't have been attracted to some other bloke.

"You like the idea of us more than the reality of it. Playing house and having someone to plan your Saturday nights in with. It's not enough, Ethan. Our lives have gotten boring. In fact, you're a bit boring."


Ethan responded with a quick-fire way of bringing some excitement to Marcus' life – throwing his clothes and tablet computer out of an upstairs window, and telling him to get lost.

What's next after Marcus' departure?


In Wednesday's (February 22) episode, Noah discovers that he has lost his apprenticeship following Marcus' departure from the village.

This leaves Noah scrambling to find a new employer so that he can carry on supporting himself, Amelia and baby Esther.

Meanwhile, future stories for Ethan will explore how he adjusts to the single life.

Speaking in late January, Emmerdale's executive producer Jane Hudson teased: "We are going to see Ethan go through quite a journey with Marcus on screen, which will result in Ethan being young, free and single – and where will that lead us to? There is a lot in store for the Andersons this year."

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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