Emmerdale’s Meena comeback clue as Ruby downfall 'sealed'

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Ruby Milligan downfall ‘sealed’ as she made a shocking confession after Ethan Anderson's shock death.

Last night viewers saw Ethan and dad Charles have a much needed heart to heart however things took a turn as he collapsed. He was rushed to hospital but later passed away.

Just days before he was involved in a hit and run after Ruby knocked him over in her attempt to get revenge. Ethan left her son Nicky for dead after their horrifying car crash just outside the village.

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During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap, it was clear that Ruby was struggling with the guilt so she decided to confess to her husband Caleb and son Nicky as she feared that she was responsible for Ethan's death.

Ruby confessed to Caleb about her hit and run -Credit:ITV
Ruby confessed to Caleb about her hit and run -Credit:ITV

Nicky didn’t cope well after hearing the shocking news but Caleb attempted to defend his wife by pointing out that Ruby thought she would lose Nicky because of Ethan.

As Nicky went to leave the room, Caleb instructed him to keep Ruby's hit-and-run a secret but Nicky didn’t respond. Caleb then voiced his concerns about Nicky telling Charles about what Ruby did.

Nicky was later seen looking distraught as he watched Claudette comfort Charles outside the church. Elsewhere in the show, viewers are convinced that serial killer Meena may make a shock return to the village after spotting a major clue.

As viewers know the killer nurse has been jailed after finally being found guilty for the three murders she committed, and justice was gained for Ben Tucker, Leanna Cavanagh and Andrea Tate.

Tonight fans noticed a photo of Meena in the local newspaper in the village and it didn’t take long for viewers to share their reaction online.

@lcverdebicki Tweeted: “MEENA ON THE NEWSPAPER #Emmerdale.” @Matt528chap said: “Please tell me that wasn't Meena on the front of that newspaper?!”

@LoveRealityTV4 commented: “MEENA ON THE NEWSPAPER #Emmerdale.” @BrewGuy_ wrote: “Was it Meena on the front page #Emmerdale.”

@its_kirstyxoxo asked: “Was that meena on the front of the newspaper? She’s coming back #Emmerdale” While @Boppity_Boo34 added: “Was that a picture of Meena on that newspaper #Emmerdale.”

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