Emmerdale resumes filming with temperature checks and two metre poles

Kimberley Bond

Bosses at ITV soap Emmerdale have revealed the stringent list of social distancing measures being used on set as production resumes.

After production was paused following the nationwide lockdown, the cast and crew returned to work last week, recording a series of episodes about life in lockdown while following social-distancing measures.

Now face masks, temperature checks and hazard tape are among measures that have now been introduced as lockdown begins to ease across the country.

Two-metre poles are being held between cast and crew to ensure they remain the correct distance apart on set, while floor markings will show where people can safely stand.

Scenes like this will be a thing of the past, with poles seperating the cast (ITV)

People entering the building are checked for a high temperature and hazard tape divides the set to ensure actors and crew remain safely separated.

Actors are responsible for their trolley of props, which are sanitised before use, and for ensuring their scripts are not left on set.

The cast will have to sort their own costumes and make-up and some cameras have been outfitted with wrap-around Perspex screens.

Couples in the soap, such as Vanessa and Charity, will have to suggest at intimate scenes (ITV)

The soap has also held some storylines back for later in the year as they either involve an intimate affair or dramatic fight scenes, neither of which can be filmed while social distancing measures remain in place.

Instead of seeing characters kiss on screen, romantic moments will be suggested with looks of intent or with characters heading for the stairs.

Similarly, fights will be shown on-screen by showing a character menacingly picking up a weapon.

During an online Q&A session which discussed the measures, Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson explained the safety of the cast and crew remains more important than keeping the show on air.

“In an ideal world none of us want to have a break, but nothing has come before safety for us,” she said.

“As much as we hope we won’t have a break in transmission, and that is what we are working towards, the message we are saying to all of our crews, cast and editorial team is that safety comes first – and we will not compromise that for anything.”

It was announced earlier this week that Coronation Street will be filming (Getty Images)

New episodes filmed under the introduced measures will be aired from 8th June, with its output reduced to airing twice a week, on Momdays and Wednesdays.

This will last for three weeks before the soap returns to its previous broadcast schedule.

The news comes after Coronation Street revealed the cast will be back filming next week – with Hudson explaining teams behind soaps both in the UK and Australia and New Zealand have been working together to come up with solutions and put shows back in production

“People always think that soaps are rivals and we’re not,” she said.

“Myself, (Coronation Street series producer) Iain MacLeod, we have all worked together and I’ve known them for years. We are really good friends, actually.

“It’s just one of those times where, yes, ratings figures are always going to be important, but I just think right now we need to just park them, help each other, work with each other, get back on-screen and then we can get the gloves back on, have a ratings fight when we are all safe and all doing the job we love, and our friends are back working again.”

The new episodes will air from Monday 8th June at 7pm on ITV

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