Emmerdale secures second highest audience of 2017

Emmerdale’s dramatic multi-car pile-up scenes helped the soap to secure its second highest audience of the year on Thursday night.

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An emotional double episode smashed ratings last night with the first ep attracting 6.62 million and the second 6.82 million, both figures including +1 audiences.

A tweet on the ITV Media account read: “Dramatic scenes on last night’s @emmerdale pulled in 6.8m viewers - the 2nd biggest audience this year! #NoReturn #Robron #Emmerdale”

The show’s highest ratings of the year came way back in a January 4th episode.

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The double ep rocked the Dales after James Barton (Bill Ward) was pushed off a bridge by Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney) which in turn caused a horrific multi-car pile-up as one after another motors smashed into each other.

Several other characters were involved, including vicar Ashley Thomas (John Middleton), and viewers are now concerned Emma may try to take advantage of his dementia and blame him for the crash.

Viewers are yet to find out who is going to die as a result of the accident but are well aware at least one person is going to.

Earlier on Thursday, Dominic Brunt - who plays Paddy Kirk, one of the characters involved - let slip that there will be “at least” one victim, admitting there could be as many as three.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said: “There’s a rumour that one character gets killed … it’s at least one character that I know of but it could be three.”

After being pushed for more info from co-host Ben Shephard, he didn’t want to say “anything” else for fear of a backlash from show bosses.

“I’ll get a phone call after this [from producers] saying, ‘What were you doing?’ – I don’t know how you do live TV every day because I’m shaking.”

Emmerdale continues on Friday night at 7pm.