Emmerdale shares struggle for Nicky as secret deception continues

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Nicky Miligan is set to struggle as he continues to deceive his fiancée Gabby.

Nicky and his father Caleb are scheming to swindle Kim Tate out of her late husband Frank's estate, since Caleb is Frank's long-lost son that he never met. Part of the plan is having Nicky pretend to be in love with Gabby and even going as far as proposing to her to seal the deal.

But last week it was revealed that Nicky has a secret boyfriend named Ally who arrived in the village last month. Gabby, of course, has no idea about Nicky and Ally's relationship and thinks they're just friends.

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In upcoming scenes, an excited Gabby will celebrate getting an official wedding date by dragging Nicky upstairs for some time alone. However. Nicky is left sheepish when his trip to the bedroom with Gabby ends up being a non-starter.

Later that day, Nicky returns from a rendezvous with Ally, while Gabby is oblivious to what's happening as Nicky deletes an incriminating message.

But Nicky is left concerned soon after when he stumbles upon an impromptu meeting between Gabby and Ally, who suggests that the two 'friends' go out and hit the town together.

Will Nicky and Ally be able to hide their true relationship from Gabby for much longer?

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Last month Caleb actor Will Ash spoke about his character's plan and the trouble it could cause between the Tates and the Dingles.

"It could be a bit of a burden for them both as there's a foot in both families," Ash told Digital Spy. "It's really clever that they've used that device to see how much disruption these characters can cause.

"There's always been that clash between the Tates and the Dingles but it will really ramp it up now. It's really big what Caleb and Nicky are attempting to do, so there are a lot of fireworks ready to go off."

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