Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron Dingle reveals baby news that divides him and Robert

It's a big week in Emmerdale for fan favourites Robron, as Aaron Dingle reveals his hopes to have a baby with Robert, but the news doesn’t go down like he had hoped. Bob Hope and Laurel Thomas' relationship is in crisis when Laurel publicly humiliates him in front of everyone in the Woolpack, while Paddy Kirk and Chas Dingle continue to grieve over baby Grace. And when an incident at work triggers back his own painful memories of his daughter's death, it all gets too much for Paddy, who breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Debbie asks Cain and Moira a huge favour when she fears for her future in prison.


Robert is left shocked after Aaron's baby plans

Aaron Dingle has plans for a baby

Aaron brings up having a baby to Robert, but his stunned reaction isn’t what he was hoping for. Wanting to have a child of his own after being a doting stepdad to Robert's son Seb, Aaron is excited at the thought of the couple having a child of their own, but when he plans to reveal their surrogacy plan to Chas, Robert stops him. Does Robert want another child so soon? And will this impact Robron's relationship?

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Debbie hears from Joe

Debbie Dingle receives a message from Joe Tate

Debbie receives a message from Joe Tate, after viewers saw Cain punch him and seemingly kill him earlier in the month. While Cain thinks he murdered his daughter's boyfriend – and has been struggling with his guilt ever since – fans saw that Joe didn’t actually die from the fall, so is he really alive after all? And if not, who is the mystery messenger? Debbie is also worried about her future and fears for going to prison, and asks Cain and Moira if Sarah and Jack can stay with them if she gets sent down.


Laurel and Bob split up

Bob Hope and Laurel Thomas' relationship over?

Laurel continues to struggle with her feelings for Bob and confides in dad Doug that she isn’t happy. Bob, meanwhile, is oblivious to how his girlfriend is feeling and takes part in a strippers night at the Woolpack. However, when the strippers cancel and he is forced to take part in the entertainment along with Jimmy, Rishi and Doug, Laurel walks in when Bob is on stage and is mortified. Laurel tells Bob that they are over in front of everyone, but will Bob be able to win her back? Or are they over for good?

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Paddy Kirk breaks down at work

Paddy struggles back at work but insists on treating a client's cat. However, he is left devastated when the cat dies, and he breaks down in tears. Chas, meanwhile, is aware that they are growing apart as they both grieve for baby Grace.

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