Emmerdale star Flo Wilson teases Claudette's shock discovery over Victor

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Flo Wilson has teased her character Claudette Anderson's shock discovery over her husband Victor.

Victor recently came home from prison after serving a long sentence for involvement in a violent robbery, and while Claudette wants to give him another chance, son Charles is more sceptical.

Things come to a head next week when Manpreet Sharma's precious necklace goes missing, which is found to be in Victor's pocket – though whether he actually stole it or if it is part of a plot by Charles to get rid of Victor remains to be seen.

eddie osei as victor anderson in emmerdale

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Speaking about Claudette's feelings about her husband, Flo reflected: "She loves him. He's always been her first and only love. No matter what, she took her marriage vows seriously and she just wants it to work.

"She wants to be a happily married woman with her husband, who obviously has a lot of flaws. She believes that he has changed."

However, the actress admitted that Claudette's heart is "broken" when she finds the necklace in Victor's possession, as "she knows he's ill".

victor and claudette anderson in emmerdale

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"She thought this would be their chance for them to be together and she just can't believe that he's wrecked it for something so stupid," she said.

Victor then rushes out, with Flo explaining: "Claudette wants to believe him that he hasn't stolen anything, but she won't listen because this has happened before so many times. So she basically just says that she doesn't want to see Victor or listen to him.

"He's upset and leaves the house. She thinks that Charles was right all along and she's feeling bad about herself because she should have listened to him. She feels a fool, really."

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However, she decides to go and find her husband as "she thinks he needs to go to the police station," Flo explained. "If he's not going to do it, she feels it's her duty as his wife to get involved."

Asked what advice she would give Claudette, Flo said: "I would tell her to be careful because Victor has been away for 25 years and he's done this type of thing before."

"He's been in and out of prison throughout their marriage. He may not have changed, so Claudette should be careful with her heart," she added, further teasing "lots of fun and drama" ahead.

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