Emmerdale star Gaynor Faye gave herself whiplash for stunt scene

By Craig Simpson, Press Association
The actress was determined to add realism to the scene.

Emmerdale star Gaynor Faye has said she gave herself whiplash filming a stunt for the soap.

The actress, who plays Megan Macey, had to film a crash sequence for an upcoming storyline in the Yorkshire Dales village.

Faye said she happily sat back and let a stunt lady do the work, and only had to offer realistic reaction to the car crashing.

But the actress, determined to make the scene seem real, ended up injuring herself despite not performing any stunts.

In the upcoming storyline, Megan crashes her car while driving with Eliza and sending Frank a text, leading to a new encounter.

Faye said of the stunt: “It was fine for me. For me, it was great. I just had to sit in front of a green screen and kind of go through the motions of the crash.

“I still gave myself a bit of whiplash though.

“I always just go for it because I always think there’s nothing worse than a bad stunt, or it looking like they haven’t actually hit something.

“Basically I didn’t do much of the stunt. I would’ve loved to because I love anything like that but I think they just wanted me to carry on doing some more scenes afterwards.”

The crash will spark a new storyline on Emmerdale, which airs weekdays on ITV.