Emmerdale star Jessie Elland shares more details of emotional baby storyline

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Jessie Elland has opened up about the emotional baby storyline with Chloe Harris's son Reuben.

Chloe recently gave birth to the baby, who is fathered by Mackenzie Boyd, though worrying upcoming scenes will see the newborn rushed to hospital after developing a concerning temperature.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Jessie revealed how the storyline begins, explaining: "It’s the sleeping that really starts it off.

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"She’s struggling to adjust to the sleeping pattern of a newborn and everyone’s trying to reassure her that that’s normal, but she knows something’s a little bit off but is so overwhelmed by the whole experience of motherhood that she can’t quite stand her ground and say, 'No, something’s wrong', because everyone’s telling her it’s normal.

"So that’s the first main sign and as it progresses, his temperature is the trigger point that makes her realise this is something more serious."

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In her desperation, Chloe turns to Victoria, as the pair "are together when Chloe notices Reuben’s temperature is really high, so Victoria is there for her and they go to hospital together".

At the hospital, she is told that Reuben has bacterial meningitis, Jessie admitting that Chloe would "definitely" like to lean on Mackenzie in the heavy moment.

"'Overwhelming' is probably the best word, she is completely overwhelmed," she said. "She almost numbs herself to everything else and has this laser focus on Reuben.

"To some extent she would want someone there for support, but even Amy and Victoria who are there for support, she is a little bit immune to them being there. If she stood back and took it all in, she’d be so overwhelmed, but she has this laser focus."

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Jessie went on to reveal: "[Chloe's] been struggling with motherhood anyway because it’s a really isolating experience for her and there’s a lot of conversations prior to this where she’s worried if she’s being a good mum and doing the right thing.

"She’s hard on herself, questioning if she could’ve caught it sooner, if there’s something that she’s missed, if she’s doing the right things."

The star explained that Reuben's condition "does escalate quite quickly", which "exacerbates it for her".

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"She’s not allowed to be with him, you can’t imagine how awful that must be to have to wait just by yourself," Jessie noted.

The actress also said that Chloe is "terrified", elaborating: "I think one of the reasons that she wanted to go ahead with the pregnancy and have Reuben was because this is her chance to have her own family and someone that’s always going to be there for her.

"She’s been through a lot, she’s been through the wringer in terms of family and friends, so when he’s born, he’s her whole world, so to lose that would be horrendous for her. She’s beyond terrified," she added.

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