Emmerdale star Kevin Mathurin discusses possible Charles revenge plot

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Kevin Mathurin has weighed in on whether Charles Anderson could be responsible for the hit-and-run on Alex Moore.

In next week's scenes, the vicar discovers that Alex, who has been dating Charles' daughter Naomi, has in fact been manipulating the family. The two men have a confrontation, and Alex is later knocked down and injured by a mystery driver on a busy road.

Discussing his character's reaction to finding out the truth about Alex's deception, Mathurin teased: "From the get-go, Charles is devastated. It hurts him that he was right about Alex and that he knew it all along – that Alex wasn't a repentant convict, so to speak!

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"Charles feels let down, but more so let down that he invited Alex into his home and welcomed him into his family.

"He gets a bit physical and he holds Alex down. During the altercation, Charles and Alex struggle. Charles throws Alex onto his car bonnet, damaging it. That evidence will be used against him further on down the line.

He continued: "Charles tries to phone the police, but Alex then gets physical with Charles, takes the phone and runs off."

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Mathurin added that Naomi is in "total denial" when Charles tells her about Alex's behaviour and doesn't want to hear what he has to say.

"She thinks that, because Charles has been against Alex all along, he's just been waiting for any excuse to say that he was right all along," he explained. "Naomi thinks that, the slightest problem Alex has, Charles will blow it out of proportion."

Later on, Charles is identified as a possible suspect in the hit-and-run case, and Mathurin suggested that his character is more than capable of something unsavoury like this.

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"Sometimes with the Charles character, he always puts his parishioners first. He loves God and he loves his work in the community," he shared.

"But when it comes to his family – his job and his faith sometimes will take second place to being a father and a partner. So he will do whatever it takes to protect them...

"Sometimes with his faith, he can let go and let God take the wheel. But every now and again, he will take his will back and do what's necessary – but he hasn't had to do that for a long time.

"I love Charles as a character – he's friendly, loving, compassionate and supportive. But it's nice to show that he has a past. Not necessarily a really bad past, but he's never been a walkover."

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