'Emmerdale' star Leah Bracknell starts new cancer treatment to slow terminal cancer

Chris Edwards
Leah Bracknell (Getty Images)

Former Emmerdale star Leah Bracknell is undergoing new cancer treatment to try and slow the progress of her terminal cancer.

Bracnknell, who played Zoe Tate on the ITV soap, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2016. She was told by doctors that it was terminal, but she has since been fighting the disease with the help of a clinical trial.

The actress began the clinical trial last summer and found that the first stage had stabilised the aggressive progression of her cancer.

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Now, she’s revealed that she’s back in hospital to start another round of treatment on the trial, after sharing a picture of a latex glove puppet the nurses have been making for her.

She captioned the photo: “A Spring Equinox rabbit-geez!!!? (it’s becoming a bit of a competition among the nurses on the trial!) aka an ice filled latex glove for pre jab numbing. 

She added: “Thank you C , this is one to beat!! xx.”

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In February, Bracknell wrote on her blog, Something Beginning with C, that she was “fed up” of living with cancer.

I am fed up. Actually that’s F.E.D. U.P. with a good half a dozen exclamation marks for emphasis. (!!!!!!!!),” she wrote in a post titled ‘Take Me Back to Normal’. 

“Living with stage four cancer is not black and white, we cannot always be the noble and exceptional patient nor are we always self-pitying and woe-is-me.

“I am fed up of needing to be looked after, of not being able to fend for myself. I don’t want to lose myself to a new incarnation where I no longer have the strength or will to be who I want to be, to be who I am.”