Emmerdale star Rebecca Sarker speaks of soap axe fears

-Credit: (Image: Rebecca Sarker Instagram)
-Credit: (Image: Rebecca Sarker Instagram)

Emmerdale star Rebecca Sarker has told fans of how she feared being axed from the soap.

Rebecca Sarker, 49, from Halifax, has played Manpreet in Emmerdale since 2018. Talking to Inside Soap, Rebecca revealed she didn’t expect to stay in Emmerdale very long when her character was first introduced.

Talking about the dropped storyline, Rebecca said: "Manpreet was first introduced as a love interest for Rishi. Early on there was an idea she would cheat on him with his son Jai.

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“Originally she was meant to be a bit of a gold digger and a temptress, but I'm glad they didn't go down that route as it gave the character more longevity."

Rebecca explained she would have found that difficult as she and Chris Bisson, who plays Jai, actually starred as her brother on Coronation Street earlier in their careers.

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Rebecca explained: “Chris Bisson and I played brother and sister in Corrie 25-years-ago, so I was a bit concerned at the thought of our characters having an affair."

Elsewhere, given Manpreet is sister of Emmerdale serial killer Meena, Rebecca’s character was likely also a little fortunate to survive that storyline also. Thankfully, Meena was jailed before she could get to Manpreet.

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