Emmerdale teases life-changing discovery for Suni Sharma

Emmerdale teases life-changing discovery for Suni Sharma

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale will air a massive discovery for Suni Sharma next week, as Jai Sharma finally reveals the truth to him about their relationship.

Jai received a huge shock over the summer when he discovered that he had been adopted by dad Rishi as a child, with Rishi admitting that Jai's biological father is actually his younger brother Amit.

This means that Suni, who Jai had always believed to be his cousin, is actually his half-brother - a fact which Jai has been keeping to himself since he found out the truth, particularly after Rishi's sad death.

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Next week, Jai decides that the time is right to admit the truth to Suni about their true relationship, and Suni struggles to process what he's heard when he learns that Jai is actually his half-brother.

Jai's wife, Laurel, comforts him as he beats himself up over the way that he has handled things, but Jai is left feeling uneasy when Laurel recommends that he gives Suni some time to come to terms with everything.

An anxious Jai is relieved when Suni enters, ready to talk to him about the situation. However, both Suni and Jai will soon be in for another shock...

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Next week's Super Soap Week episodes will be full of drama for a range of Dales residents, with Mackenzie Boyd, Chloe Harris and Charity Dingle all caught up in a terrifying car crash - which leaves Mack with a horrifying choice to make.

Chas Dingle will also find herself in danger as her new friendship with newcomer 'Simon' continues. What Chas doesn't know is that the man she has bonded with is actually dangerous gangster Harry, who has a grudge against Chas' half-brother Caleb Miligan.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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