Emmerdale: Are Tracy and David over for good?

Daniel Kilkelly
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    Don't know and don't care,all these soaps follow the same trend bonking and babies.
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    long a go
    must get out more !
  • M
    They should shred the scripts, spread them on the fields and plough them in. They'd make good manure. Bumper crops.
  • J
    Don`t care about this soap is so boring anyway,.
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    Who on earth believes these soaps? As far as I know Emmerdale is a small village yet there seems to be more gays than heterosexuals. Charity Dingle and Vanessa, Aaron Dingle and his husband, the 'Finlay' boy they've just killed off, the doctor Aaron's just broke up with........ If you ever stop in the Woolpack for a pint then sit with your back to the wall!!!!!!
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    David is an apology for a man. A snivelling weak cowardly little sh(it) and well past his sell by date - get rid!
  • A
    the soap is rubbish now,story lines are #$%$
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    yahoo reader
    the females in the village are beyond awful.
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    long a go
    its like a drag race, now which one will bonk the dog !