Emmerdale viewers ‘appalled’ by 'disturbing' Ross Barton acid attack scenes

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch
Appalling: Viewers criticised Emmerdale for airing the attack before 9pm: ITV

Emmerdale viewers have been left "appalled" by scenes of an acid attack in the latest episode of the soap.

As Ross Barton was left howling in pain after having a chemical substance thrown in his face, some fans of the series questioned whether it should have been shown before the watershed.

One wrote: “Not sure an acid attack shown at 7.30 is appropriate, shocking.”

Another commented: "I’m appalled to know the acid attack on Ross was shown before the 9pm watershed.”

“Seriously cannot believe Emmerdale just did that tbh. Feels a bit too ‘soon’ for an acid attack in a 7 pm soap,” tweeted a third.

However others praised the show for "raising awareness" of the issue and informing viewers of what to do in a similar situation.