Emmerdale viewers are enjoying the Robron sparks

Tom Chapman
Photo credit: ITV

From Digital Spy

Following car crashes and murder mysteries, it seems that some much-needed love is finally back in the air on Emmerdale.

There are some much-loved romances out there in Soapland, but does anything top the fervour for the ongoing Robron saga?

Before we get to that though, in the aftermath of the tragic White car crash, there was a lot to talk about. We already know that the psychotic Lachlan will be "happy" after the deaths of his mother and grandfather, but audiences aren't too happy with the soap's latest villain.

Elsewhere, as Lachlan told only half the truth, Belle found herself in possession of the phone that could expose his guilt.

Some were also questioning why no one was asking how the lorry driver was โ€“ but Emmerdale has actually given us a definite answer to that.