Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ Samson Dingle’s sinister fate

Samson Dingle
-Credit: (Image: ITV/Emmerdale)

Emmerdale viewers are convinced that there is a sinister twist in store for Samson Dingle.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap , Samson happily told his dad Sam Dingle and step-mum, Lydia Dingle, that he had passed his driving test with zero faults.

While Sam was elated for his son, and rushed him down to the pub for a celebratory pint - Lydia was more sceptical, warning the young driver that he should “be careful” and that “cars aren’t toys”.

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As viewers of the soap will know, earlier in the week the young Dingle revealed that he was planning to drive around Europe in a van over summer should he pass in time - something which had already prompted Lydia to worry.

While Samson, his dad, and new friend Josh enjoyed a few (too many) celebratory drinks, Samson confided in his friend that he was disappointed that Lydia hadn’t been happier for him. But Josh told him that he should just be “grateful” that he has a step-mum who “looks out for him and treats him like her own”.

A drunk Samson and Sam returned home to a concerned Lydia. As Sam took himself off to bed, Samson followed through on his friend’s advice and told Lydia that he was “grateful” for her “being such a good mum” to him.

But viewers were left guessing that there was a sinister twist in store after it was announced that the actor who plays Samson, Sam Hall, would be leaving the soap. During tonight’s episode viewers took to social media to speculate that the newly qualified driver will soon be killed in a car accident.

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On X, formerly known as Twitter, @Lee_Knowsme said: “Wait is Samson going to have an accident and die ?? Is that what this licence storyline is about #Emmerdale.”

@Surfingspaniel tweeted: “Sam saying nice things to everyone before he kicks the bucket #Emmerdale.”

@Boppity_Boo34 wrote: “I wonder if Samson will get killed in a car crash or something as he’s supposed to be being killed off #Emmerdale.”

@joy9kat added: “Hope they don't kill Samson off. I like him #Emmerdale.”

@JamieSummersTV said: “I don't like that scene between Samson and Lydia there. Please don't kill him off tomorrow. Can't have another son die a week after the last #Emmerdale.”

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