Emmerdale villain Thomas King to return to soap after a decade

Thomas King's dad Carl was played by Tom Lister credit:Bang Showbiz
Thomas King's dad Carl was played by Tom Lister credit:Bang Showbiz

Thomas King is set to return to 'Emmerdale' after 10 years.

The primetime ITV soap is preparing for one of its most explosive storylines yet which will see villain Thomas King - the son of killer Carl King -make a shocking comeback a decade after leaving the show.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, Thomas- who was last played by Mark Flanagan - will be heading back to Emmerdale to reunite with his uncle Jimmy.

Last time, Thomas was seen terrorising the locals following his dad’s death and causing havoc for Belle and Chas Dingle after he stalked Chas for her part in his father’s death.

A source said: "Tom’s return is going to be explosive. He shocks his uncle Jimmy when he returns to the village and it’s not clear why he’s back.

"Fans will be glued to their screens watching Tom’s comeback unfold — and his presence could cause chaos.

"They will all be asking if he’s as evil as his dad Carl and wondering why he’s returned."

Newcomer James Chase has been cast to play the returning character that’s promised to being with him a new wave of drama.

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson told the outlet: “We are working on summer storylines and I always like to have a summer spectacular

“So if I say that, I have to come up with something now.”

Asked about the potential of returning villagers, she said: “Ooh, I can’t tell you. We’re working on June storylines at the minute and I thought about a return, ‘Viewers would love that’.”

Jane also teased a new love interest for Belle which could see her back in the arms of evil Tom after seducing Belle and convincing her to runaway with him before he fled.

She said: “We’ve got a bit of summer lovin’ for Belle. You’ll need to see but yes, that is going to happen. Belle is finally going to fall in love.

“Don’t say ‘aw’ too soon, you never know what might happen. But it could be the most perfect relationship ever.”