Emmerdale's Caleb hatches a new plan to con Kim

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Caleb Miligan has a new idea up his sleeve when it comes to his big plan to con Kim Tate.

As fans of the ITV soap will already know, Caleb and his son Nicky have it out for Kim because, as Frank's secret son, Caleb thinks Home Farm is his birthright.

In upcoming scenes, Nicky will have several attempts at trying to get into Kim’s laptop to get his hands on her personal documents, but risks locking the whole thing by trying to guess the password too many times.

adrian, caleb, emmerdale

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Nicky will then tell Caleb they need to find another way to access Kim's files — and it seems like Caleb knows exactly how to do it.

Doing some shady dealings at the back of The Woolpack, Caleb meets with Adrian, who gives him some mysterious USB sticks. It turns out the USBs have malware on them, which Caleb is now planning to install on Kim’s laptop in order to get hold of her passwords.

But will his underhanded cyberattack work, or will Caleb's attempts to hack Kim all be in vain?

adrian, caleb, emmerdale

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Caleb actor Will Ash and Nicky actor Lewis Cope previously teased what's to come for their characters, and fans should probably expect plenty of conspiring from the father-son duo.

"We've started to film some of the scenes of us working together, where you find out more details, and they've been great for us to play. We haven't had many scenes together before because of the nature of the story and so now it's brilliant to start this new chapter," Will shared last month.

lewis cope and will ash as nicky and caleb miligan in emmerdale

"The audience will start to see more layers to them and little secrets that they've got, which adds complexity to their relationship. That's been really fun to play," he added.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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