Emmerdale's Caleb manipulates Moira in new Kim scheme

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Caleb Miligan becomes increasingly ruthless next week as he decides to make Moira Dingle a pawn in his games.

Caleb manipulates Moira to sell her farmland to Kim, as he scrambles for a way to get back in the good books of the Home Farm boss.

Upcoming episodes see Kim threaten to end her business partnership with Caleb, who has teamed up with her to launch a stud farm.

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Kim issues her warning when Caleb makes a careless mistake and causes her to lose faith in him.

Not wanting to lose his chance to take the ultimate revenge on Kim, Caleb responds by attempting to prove his loyalty to her, suggesting that they should unite to strike a deal for Moira's land.

Next week, Kim is won over by Caleb and encourages him to go ahead with his plan.

Caleb watches on with interest at Butler's Farm as Moira complains of financial hardship.

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When things become too much to deal with, Moira tells her husband Cain that she's admitting defeat as she can no longer keep the farm afloat.

Caleb springs in and tells Moira that he has found a possible way out for her.

Moira invites Caleb over to share further details, but she's unimpressed when he recommends that she sells her land to Kim for the stud farm.

Eventually won over, Moira swallows her pride and tells Kim to make her an offer for the land – but will she come to regret it?

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Emmerdale's executive producer Jane Hudson first teased this storyline last month.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media at the time, Hudson commented: "How is Cain going to react when Caleb nearly sends Moira into financial ruin, which is a whole other story that's playing?

"When Cain finds out that his brother is responsible, how on earth is that going to play out when these brothers are working so hard to try and have some sort of relationship?

"Is it all about to be doomed?"

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