Emmerdale's Cathy Hope left distraught after her diagnosis

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Cathy Hope struggles to cope next week after an important appointment at the hospital.

Cathy seeks further support following the recent news that she may be suffering from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), with symptoms including heavy periods and intense mood swings.

The upcoming scenes see Cathy receive an official diagnosis of PMDD, as expected. Her father Bob joins her at the hospital as she receives the news.

Cathy hopes to hear about an outright cure, but she's left disappointed when she's told that her treatment will only involve managing her symptoms.

cathy hope, bob, emmerdale

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Later, when Cathy returns to the B&B, she leaves Bob concerned by defiantly vowing to find a cure to stop her symptoms altogether.

Bob points out that the doctors are the experts and that it's not possible – with Wendy Posner and Bernice Blackstock both backing him up. Despite this, Cathy refuses to listen.

Cathy's mission leads to heated scenes as she throws a garden ornament through a window at the B&B, narrowly missing Manpreet Sharma.

Wendy then tries to intervene, but Cathy angrily loses control by shoving her to the ground.

cathy hope, manpreet sharma, bob hope, wendy, emmerdale

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The worrying scenes also take a toll on Bob, who's concerned to feel another twinge in his chest just weeks after he suffered a heart attack. Manpreet rushes in to check on him.

Cathy's mood changes as she spots Bob struggling and she tries to help him, but Wendy warns her to leave Bob alone. Feeling that everyone is against her, Cathy rushes off while bleeding from a cut on her hand.

Liam Cavanagh finds Cathy hiding out at the bandstand and he checks her hand.

Cathy is relieved when Liam promises to listen to what's bothering her, but the conversation threatens to make matters worse as she jumps to conclusions.

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