Emmerdale's Charity Dingle stands firm over Mackenzie Boyd split

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale tonight continued the heart-breaking saga of Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) after the former previously found out the depth of the latter's lies.

Previously, Mackenzie had been trying to keep secret the fact that Chloe's baby was his and that he had cheated on Charity. But Charity recently found out the truth, leading to her breaking up with her husband.

Mackenzie hoped for a reunion but tonight, those hopes were laid to rest as Charity continued to process what had happened and the truth began to seep out into the rest of the village.

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The episode began with Mackenzie asleep on Moira’s sofa. Mackenzie admitted to her and Cain that Chloe’s baby was his. He tried to explain himself, but Moira was having none of it.

"Do you have any decency?" his furious sister said before Mackenzie explained that it happened after Charity lost her own baby. "I thought we had broken up," Mackenzie said.

Cain started towards Mackenzie, seemingly angling for a physical confrontation, such was his anger, but Moira stepped in: "If anyone is going to make you suffer, it’s going to be me."

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Meanwhile, Charity was miserable in bed. Her son Noah checked in on her and told her that she deserves so much better than Mackenzie. Noah said: "What’s the point of wasting more time over some two-faced, immature-"

"Morally bankrupt cheating slug," Charity finished. Charity said that there was something Noah could help with, that it would be part of the healing process.

Meanwhile, back at Moira’s, Mackenzie explained how Charity found out. "All I wanted was to marry her and block out that Chloe was having my baby," Mackenzie said, lamenting the fact that he was, for a time, successful in that sneaky endeavour.

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Mackenzie moaned that he couldn’t feel any more lousy about himself but Moira refuted that, telling him that Charity surely feels worse. She told him to get a grip and fix the situation, if possible.

Later, Mackenzie found Charity and Noah selling Mackenzie’s belongings to the other villagers. A furious Charity told everyone that Mackenzie is the father of Chloe’s baby. An equally angry Mackenzie tried to stop the flash sale but Chloe’s arrival interrupted things.

Charity berated both Chloe and Mackenzie in front of everyone. Mackenzie implored Charity to take the argument inside, but Charity refused. Moira turned up and escorted Mackenzie away before things escalated any further.

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Later, Charity took a moment to ponder how they began their relationship, that Mackenzie had to persuade her to be with him. Her anger was still present but sadness began to creep back in, too.

"Today trying to humiliate him should have made me feel so much better and it didn’t... I finally chucked myself all in and look what happens? Guess I learned my lesson," Charity said.

Mackenzie and Moira had a heart-to-heart in which Mackenzie called himself his "own worst enemy." Mackenzie insisted that he and Charity were “meant to be together” but Moira said that is no longer his choice.

Their talk was interrupted by Charity herself, sparking hope in Mackenzie that a reconciliation could happen. Instead, Charity gave Mackenzie his wedding ring back.

"I never want to see you again, okay? Ever," Charity said with a certain finality before slamming the door on her way out.

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