Emmerdale's Charity threatens Chloe over Reuben's christening

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle has issued a threat to Chloe Harris ahead of baby Reuben's christening.

Charity showed her ruthless side in the closing moments of Tuesday's episode (August 22) after an offer to host the event was thrown back in her face.

The latest visit to the village saw Chloe and her partner Mackenzie Boyd left disappointed as they learned that their planned venue for the christening party had fallen through.

Charity offered up The Woolpack as an alternative location, which prompted Chloe to scoff at the suggestion after their acrimonious history.

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Chloe assumed that Charity was joking, as it's only a few months since she and Mack devastated Charity with their baby secret. However, there was an awkward exchange when it became clear that Charity was serious.

Later, the drama continued as Chloe bumped into Charity outside the pub toilets.

Chloe apologised for seeming rude when she rejected Charity's offer, but also made it clear that she still wouldn't be accepting it.

Fed up with playing nice, Charity clashed with Chloe when the new mum claimed that she didn't want any hard feelings.

chloe, charity dingle, mack boyd, emmerdale

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Charity quipped: "Careful who you have your babies with then, eh?"

As things turned catty, Chloe made disparaging remarks about Charity and admitted that she'd never be able to trust her not to ruin the christening if it took place at The Woolpack.

Charity replied: "Good luck finding a venue for your christening – oh and remember, it doesn't have to be here for me to ruin it. I can ruin it wherever it is. And I just might – you know, if it takes my fancy."

Will Charity follow through with her threat?

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