Emmerdale's Charles Anderson attacks Tom King after village return

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Charles Anderson lashes out at Tom King next week as he struggles to cope with his ongoing guilt over his father's death.

Charles returns to the village following a plea from his partner Manpreet Sharma, but it quickly becomes clear that the time away hasn't done him much good.

Before Charles returns, Manpreet and Ethan Anderson both take the day off work to help Victor's widow Claudette with funeral planning.

Claudette is reluctant about the plans to pay tribute to Victor, still under the wrong impression that he stole an expensive necklace before he died.

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Secretly knowing that Victor was innocent, Manpreet tries her best to encourage Claudette. There's a moment of genuine affection between them as they try to focus on the funeral plans.

The following day, Manpreet realises that she's struggling with the burden of letting Claudette believe the lie about Victor and the necklace. She leaves Charles a voicemail, begging him to return to the village and set the record straight.

When Charles arrives home, he initially plans to tell Claudette the truth about how he framed Victor. Unfortunately, when Claudette mentions how virtuous her son is, Charles can't bring himself to shatter her illusions and stays silent.

Later, Tom worries when he sees Charles drinking heavily at The Woolpack.

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Tom steps in and tries to help Charles, but this angers the vicar and causes him to lash out.

Onlookers at the pub are shocked as Charles lets the situation escalate, pinning Tom to the bar. He only releases Tom after desperate pleas from his family.

Shaken by what Charles' guilt is doing to him, Manpreet once again begs him to tell the truth for everyone's sake. Will Charles listen?

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