Emmerdale's Chas left upset as affair storyline is revisited

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Chas Dingle faces a difficult day next week as she's forced to reflect on the breakdown of her marriage to Paddy.

The former couple reach another milestone moment in the fallout from their split, as they prepare to tell their young daughter Eve that Paddy has moved on.

Paddy reconciled with his ex-wife Mandy earlier this year and their relationship has been progressing well.

Keen to be as open as possible with Eve, who turns 4 next month, Chas, Paddy and Mandy all unite for an important conversation.

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Joined by Bear Wolf for moral support, the trio speak to Eve about how Paddy is now in a serious relationship with Mandy.

Chas tries to put on a brave face during the conversation, but it's clear that she's jealous over Paddy being so happy without her.

Viewers will have to tune in to see whether Chas is struggling without her own relationship to rely on, or whether she still has unresolved feelings for Paddy.

Later in the week, Marlon Dingle senses that Chas is in a downbeat mood and he steps in to offer some moral support.

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Marlon assures Chas that she's a great mum and Eve will always love her.

Chas risked her marriage to Paddy by having an affair with Al Chapman last year.

Paddy discovered his wife's betrayal a few weeks after Al's death and decided to end things between them.

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