Emmerdale's Jacob rejects Leyla in heartbreaking scenes

emmerdale, leyla, jacob
Emmerdale's Jacob rejects Leyla in new scenesITV

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Jacob has rejected Leyla in heartbreaking Emmerdale scenes.

The two have been estranged after Jacob was stabbed while trying to confront the dealer who'd sold his mum drugs last week.

Tuesday's episode (January 10) saw Leyla continuing to try to make amends for last week's ordeal, especially as Jacob was well enough to see visitors.

The situation was complicated because David and Jacob were lying to police over how the stabbing took place, so as not to directly involve Leyla's former dealer Callum or get her in trouble.

emmerdale, leyla, jacob

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David cut off Leyla in the village to try to ban her from visiting Jacob, yet she refused to leave without seeing her son. The reunion was quite frosty as Jacob had resentments towards Leyla for relapsing.

Leyla was initially relieved when Jacob explained that he'd told police he was attacked by someone he didn't know, though she was immediately put on the backfoot by David claiming she just wanted to save her own skin.

Leyla got defensive, insisting Jacob's stabbing was actually his own fault for bringing a knife to a meeting with a dangerous person like Callum.

"That's so typical of you, isn't? Finding someone else to blame when, the fact is, I wouldn't be in here right now if you hadn't of been scoring again" Jacob said.

emmerdale, leyla

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Leyla was crushed as her son branded her "a junkie" with "no self-control". Leyla tried to explain how sorry she was, but was cut off by a vengeful Jacob.

"Do not tell me you're sorry again. It's all you ever say," Jacob hit back.

Jacob then kicked his mother out of his hospital room, telling her he's "ashamed" of her. David agreed with Jacob, leaving her heartbroken over the rejection.

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