Emmerdale's Leyla Harding faces death threat in sinister cliffhanger

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Leyla Harding has faced a death threat from drugs dealer Callum in a sinister Emmerdale cliffhanger.

The criminal has kidnapped Leyla, and is now threatening to kill her after she threatened to turn over incriminating footage of Callum to the police.

Suzy had encouraged Leyla to go to the police again, but Leyla worried she'd only make things worse since Callum threatened her last time.

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"It was a big fat disaster," Leyla admitted.

When Suzy suggested it was best to spread news of the police investigating Callum through her old contacts, the dealer attacked her and then took Leyla hostage.

In Wednesday's episode (March 15), Leyla was shown bound and gagged, so nobody could properly hear her crying out for help.

Callum announced that Leyla would have to perform a drug deal in order to save herself, revealing he'd be sending her off to meet a colleague with "a car full of cocaine".

"No-one calls me a grass and gets away with it," Callum warned. "This is how you salvage my rep."

Meanwhile, Leyla's family were desperately trying to convince the police that she'd been kidnapped by Callum, but the detective didn't seem to be buying their explanation for her disappearance.

The situation turned even more grave for Leyla when Callum's contact failed to materialise because police had been buzzing around his mum's house.

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Leyla once again tried to barter for her life, vowing that she'd never report him again or even mention his name to anyone else. At the same time, the detective returned to admit to Jacob and David that Callum has been missing.

"You're going to have to be patient and let us do our job," the detective demanded, before Jacob shot back: "Yeah, well, my mum did that and you let [Callum] go."

The soap flashed back to the remote cabin where Leyla continued trying to reason with her captor. Callum viciously slapped Leyla and reapplied her gag.

"Keep your mouth shut or I will kill you," Callum warned.

Can Leyla escape her tormentor?

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