Emmerdale's Liam makes powerful revelation in all-male episode

This article contains a discussion of themes including suicide.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Liam Cavanagh has made a powerful revelation that he once considered taking his own life in Emmerdale's all-male episode.

Friday's instalment (March 10) of the ITV soap was a special episode featuring only the male cast as they spoke openly with one another about their mental health.

Marlon Dingle hosted the men of the village at a lock-in night at The Woolpack in hopes of encouraging friend Paddy to open up about his own recent consideration of ending his life.

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One by one, Cain, Jimmy, Liam, Bob, Charles, Sam, Nate, Marlon and Bear all spoke about moments from their lives when they'd struggled and how they got through those difficult times.

Liam shared a deeply personal story from medical school after Cain speculated that Paddy could one again attempt to take his life while the rest of the men were locked away in the pub.

"What you said before is true. Some people who try to take their own life do make a second attempt, but plenty don't," Liam said, adding: "I should know."

Liam explained that, when he was studying to become a doctor, he was put on suicide watch and it's something he hadn't spoken about in "a long time". By this point, Paddy had crept downstairs and was listening at the door.

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The doctor explained that his fellow students stood watch over him after he was found in his dorm room unconscious.

"I ended up having my stomach pumped but, after that, the guys on my corridor, they took turns to make sure I wasn't left on my own," he recalled. "They saved my life twice over."

Charles was by Liam's side to support him after telling that very personal story, while Paddy listened as some of the other men shared their own hardships.

Finally, Paddy decided to join the other men in the pub, where he opened up about how he'd been the one to find the man who'd raised him dead from suicide many years earlier.

Paddy's biological father Bear then assured him: "When I found out you were my son, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I'm a grandad and I love you both so much."

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He then spoke candidly about all of the trauma of the last several months, including how he confronted Chas about her affair in front of the house Al had bought for them.

"I can't quite believe it because it's not me. Well, I didn't think it was like me, but I kept telling myself that for once in my life, I found the courage to do something and to deal with something, even if it meant losing everything," he recalled.

Bear promised Paddy that he hadn't lost everything. Paddy explained that he started thinking about ending his life from that point and he'd hated himself for having those thoughts.

"What kind of dad could do that to his little girl?" Paddy angrily asked, before Cain told him: "One who is in pain."

Cain led the others to rally around Paddy, hugging him and assuring him that they'd be there for him. While Paddy recognised he had a lot of work to do in order to heal, it was clear he felt relief after sharing all the feelings he'd bottled up.

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We encourage anyone who identifies with the topics raised in this article to reach out. Emmerdale has been working on Paddy's storyline with support from Samaritans and Andy's Man Club.

Further information about how to access support is available via the NHS, and organisations who can offer help include Samaritans on 116 123 or Mind on 0300 123 3393.

Readers in the US are encouraged to visit mentalhealth.gov or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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